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Erika Svensen

Dietitian, Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian,
Sport, Travel and Food Enthusiast

Erika is a passionate Dietitian and Sports Dietitian who enjoys all aspects of nutrition. Erika has a particular interest in assisting people to make sustainable long-term changes. Erika is experienced working with busy professionals and understands first hand the challenges of balancing work, family and health goals.

As a Sports Dietitian, Erika relishes working with athletes across all sports and at all abilities to develop workable nutrition plans that best support the athletes goals. A keen recreational sports enthusiast who understands the challenges of appropriate fuelling to meet your needs for performance and overall health.

They say these days we have 2-3 careers in our lifetime and for Erika that is true. Erika previously enjoyed a career in the corporate world as an IT professional. During this time she also became involved in endurance sports, enjoying training and participating in triathlons, cycling and swimming events. Through this new found passion and combined with a love of cooking, Erika developed a passion for learning how food and nutrition could support both overall health and sports performance. Being bombarded with so many different messages about what is “healthy” and “best” for us. Looking for a new challenge, Erika decided to pursue her passion and studied at university to become a certified and accredited Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. 

During her studies, Erika also developed an interest in gut health and how dietary changes can make such a big impact to peoples lives. 

Professional Memberships

  • Dietitians Association Australia (APD)
  • Sports Dietitians Australia (Associate)
  • Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sports (PINES)
  • UK Health Care and Professions Council (Dietitian)


  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics (Honors)
  • Sports Dietetics Training (SDA)
  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry
  • The Low FODMAP diet for IBS, Monash University
  • IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Part 1)